Monthly Archives: May 2011

Ready. Set. GO!

A hike at Devil’s Lake

Sounds like a race, doesn’t it?  Well, not a race but maybe more of a leisurely stroll.

I live in a small house in the small picturesque town of Baraboo.  It is nestled in the Baraboo hills along a meandering river of the same name.  The streets are lined with maples, oaks, elms and the occasional spruce.  The downtown square lies just off the river with colorful shop fronts beckoning in each curious traveler.  A weekly farmer’s market sets up each Saturday as weather permits and festivals are held most every other week far into the fall.  The countryside is a spectacular vision to all that behold it.  Majestic pines tower over tumbling rock formations.  Glacial trails wind both north and south marking the edge of the long forgotten glacier that once blanketed the land.  A mixture of farm valleys and granite prehistoric mountains mixed with sandstone and limestone bluffs provided a wonderful backdrop to hiking and bike riding in this small town. Over the upcoming weeks I will hike through the parks and back woods trails.  Documenting each step I take through the Baraboo hills and neighboring areas.  And if I happen to remember my camera, I will snap a couple of pictures for you to enjoy. Most days I head to Devil’s Lake.  A beautiful state park just a short bike ride (short is you don’t mind 15 miles) away.  I can get there and back in less than an hour.  Of course I have to linger so I can enjoy all that the park has to offer.  So, this weekend I will start with a hike through Devil’s Lake State Park.  I have included a picture of the Baraboo Granite that lines the bluffs and lakeside in the park.  Just to tease you a bit.  I promise that I will take more pictures…..that is if I remember my camera.